Scandinavian electrojazz duo Steiner Nickelsen and Erik Nylander.
They create live driving jazz/techno with off-kilter drumming, swollen synth lines and deep bass drones: evocative of epic days filled with darkness in the northernmost fjords of Scandinavia. Their sets are improvised, taking the audience with them on journey of synesthesia: playful, yet viscerally emotive. They use their instruments to provide a portal to outer-body experiences, responding to each crowd and atmosphere as they see fit.

With a long history of jazz practice and performance, Steinar Nickelsen was honoured Young Jazz Musician of the Year in his native Norway, and Erik Nylander, originally from Sweden, is one of Norway’s most active drummers, frequently touring and playing in multiple bands and recording sessions.

Monkeybar has release 2 albums, Dear You from (2012) and Last Dance (2016) and a single We are the planes (2019)
Steinar Nickelsen (keyboards, vocals) – Young Jazz Musician of the Year (2002), played with jazz bands: Excess Luggage, Jupiter, Pål Thowsen/Jon Eberson Trio, Solid!

Erik Nylander (drums, drums machine) – played with Ola Kvernberg, Kobert, Bugge Wesseltoft and many Norwegian jazz bands